Now is a good time to start designing a garden room

As we look to turn the year, it’s actually the perfect time to start working on your garden room project. Okay, the weather is not ideal for actually being outside building your room, with the cold, damp and short days, but it is the perfect time to be designing and planning your project.

Don’t underestimate the planning stage

We know you are eager to get out and start building your new room, but when it comes to garden room design, there is a lot of work to be done before you ever pick up a saw.

You need to spend time honing your design ideas. We suggest you use a tool like Sketchup, whose free version is ideal for designing a garden room. It’s easy to master and gives you the flexibility to tweak your designs without starting a new drawing from scratch.

Take the time to create some working drawings

Once you have your overall design, your will need to spend some time creating some working drawings. Measured drawings of the different sections of the building, particularly your frames will save you a huge amount of time once you start building.

These drawings take quite a while to produce but are definitely worth the effort. If you work to real world scales in Sketchup you can then use the dimension tools and the standard camera angles to create a plan style image you can print off.

Having some working drawings can really identify hiccups in your design, and you obviously have the chance to rectify them before starting work on the actual building.

In our Complete Self Build Garden Room Guide package we have included working drawings. They are well worth creating for your own project

Good jobs for winter evenings

These tasks are going to take you quite a few evenings to complete, but are a really good use of time and will mean you are well positioned to start work on the actual building as the evenings become lighter and the weather improves.

Self Build Garden Room Starter Guide

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