New Millboard colour

Millboard decking is becoming popular with professional garden room designers. It is a composite product made from a mix of ground stone and polyurethane. This creates an incredibly hard-wearing product that won't become slippery and is dimensionally stable.

Millboard Antique Oak decking

What makes Millboard standout from other composite decking products is the surface texture and colouring. The boards are handcrafted using real timbers as moulds. This creates a finish that you have to look closely at to distinguish it is not, in fact, wood!

Other on our sister site The Garden Room Guide we have featured two projects recently where the designers have utilizes Millboard products. The first one features a curved deck along the front of the garden room. This project shows that Millboard is easy to detail. Have a look here.

The second project is perhaps more interesting. As well as using Millboard on the deck around the garden room, the design team have used it as wall cladding, to great effect - have a look here.

Antique Oak Millboard has the look of a tropical hardwood deck

Millboard have recently added a new colour option, Antique Oak. We are told that there is more tonal difference between each board than with other colours in the Millboard range. This tonal difference creates a finish similar to a tropical hardwood deck.

As you can see from these images, the Antique Oak finish looks lovely next to the colours of the garden.

You can order some free samples of Millboard, here.

Millboard composite decking