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This guide is produced by the team behind The Garden Room Guide, the leading source of information on buying a garden room, office or studio. The Garden Room Guide is a title of Square Meter Media Limited.

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We have been involved in the garden room industry since 1999, first as a designer/carpenter specialising in bespoke garden room builds. We completed dozens of successful builds both in contemporary and traditional styles. Unfortunately, an accident stopped us in our tracks and meant we had to re-evaluate our business. For the last seven years we have shared our industry experience through The Garden Room Guide, so we know quite a bit about the garden room subject!


In our time running The Garden Room Guide we have been asked several times if we had any plans for self-builders, and whilst we have been tempted to draw up a design, we realise that every garden room buyer has their own ideas and there is no ‘one size fits all’ garden room design.


We, therefore, decided that the best option was to explore the options as a self-builder; we did this as part of our Garden Rooms Magazine series and the guide proved a big hit, selling out several times.With this new version, we hope to share our insider knowledge of the subject, delve deeper into the subject than we have before and provide you with the information to make informed design decisions.


So, this guide is not a set of working plans, but it does walk you through the thought processes of a professional garden room designer


“In this guide we will share our two decades of experience in the garden room industry, to give you an insight into the materials and building systems professional garden room designers use. You can then apply this knowledge to your own garden room design”


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