Have your garden room sketches turned into a 3d visualisation

So, you have a pile of sketches and maybe some floorplans for your dream garden room building. Well, Richard Follett can take your drawings and produce a 3D visualisation of what it's going to look like.

Such CGI visualisations can be invaluable in honing the design, showing neighbours what you are planning or for use as part of a planning application.

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Introducing Richard Follett

We'll let Richard introduce himself:

I have worked as a 3d artist for over 10 years. In that time my work has varied from jewellery to exhibition design. Over time I have come to realise that one of the industries that benefits most from CGI is architectural visualisation.

It is not always easy to understand how a new home/build will look and function from a 2D plan or elevation. With a detailed 3D model a good visual understanding can be grasped.

Click any image to open larger versions in a lightbox:

A variety of finished materials and textures can be explored to see how the final project may look.

With this in mind, I offer a reasonably priced service to create a 3d model of your proposed project which can be helpful at any stage of the project. 

Some examples of my work can be seen on my website.

Web: www.3dvision.org.uk 

Tel: 07799 334083