Self build garden room brewery

We hear a lot from self-builders at the start of their journey, talking about their ideas for their new room and how they plan to use it. It is, therefore, fantastic when we get to see what they go on to design and build.

Ricky, who brought a copy of our sample garden room plans, has shared the building he has created with us, and we couldn't be more impressed!

Our sample garden room plans look at the build-up of a 3m x 3m timber-framed building. Clearly, Ricky's multi-room garden room is bigger than that shown. He used some of the insight from the sample plans as the basis for his build. We hear this from many self-builders; they buy are sample plans for the insights into each layer but go on to build a different sized garden room.

Image courtesy of Burwell Brewery

Self-build brewery

Over the years, we have heard of many a garden room being used as a pub, but we think Ricky's project is the first garden room brewery we have heard of!

Image courtesy of Burwell Brewery

Ricky has documented his journey from the floorplan and elevation drawings right through to installing the stills. There are lots of useful photos, so do head over to his website to have a look. You might want to look in their online store while you are there and order a pint or two.