Insulated roof panels for garden rooms

A few days ago we wrote about the 3-in-1 sample plans we are developing. One of the roof options we are looking at is the insulated roof panel. These panels are very popular in garden room design, as depending on the size of the roof, there is no need to install rafters as the panels are self-supporting. This obviously reduces workload and costs – hence they are so popular with the pros!

Trisomet made by Tata Steel is the big name in these panels. The panels are made up from a sandwich of steel & insulation. The colour coated steel forms both a white ceiling and a coloured external finish.

Build-up of an insulated roof panel

Garden room insulated panels roof

Trisomet roof panels are popular in garden room design. The ridged panels interlock into each other

The panels interlock and are fixed into the wall frames with special fixings. The ends of the panels have a cut back (with the insulation and interior layer removed) which extends beyond the roof, typically 100mm to direct water runoff into your gutter.

The roof panels have a cut back at the end

With this system, your roof can be completed in just a few hours.

Trisomet panels of thicknesses between 60mm and 100mm are commonly used in garden room design. The thicker the panel, the better the thermal performance and the greater load they take.

There are lots of companies selling insulated roof panels. There are several listings on eBay, but these seem to have hefty delivery charges. You may find your best bet is to talk to your local roofing supplies firm who will source you a small quantity at a good price.