Trisomet panels seconds

Trisomet panels have become a popular option for garden room roofs. Many professional garden room designers make use of them as they can be installed quickly without the need for a complex roof structure. They also form both the internal and external finish of the roof, again cutting down on work.

We show Trisomet panels as one option in our 3-in-1 sample plans.

Trisomet panels are a popular option in garden room construction.

Trisomet roof panels are a popular option in garden room construction

Self-builder Joe shared with us a contact he has found for Trisomet panels seconds – B-grade. Joe tells us that if you are not too worried about matching colours, the panels can be purchased for £10 per sqm + VAT. For matching colours, you’d be looking at around £15 per sqm + VAT. This is a HUGE saving on the full price!

You would also need to factor in delivery costs. You are likely to have a delivery charge on any Trisomet order, though. Joe tells us that delivery Leicester to Derby was around £80.

To learn more talk to Action Clad.  Their phone number is 01283 585 150.

Thanks to Joe for his top tip!