Our first 3D modelling tutorial is live

Today, we have published our first 3D garden room modelling tutorial. This is the first of many that we have planned.

This first tutorial shows you how you could adapt our sample 3-in-1 garden room models to add a long window. Long windows are a popular option with garden room buyers, so it may well be that you are thinking of adding one or more to your own design.

Garden room tutorial one

This is a lengthy tutorial, but you don’t need to complete it in one session. Personally, we find it useful to have the step by step tasks written down and a video showing what ‘should’ be going on, on the screen. We have, therefore, divided up the tutorial into sections of written guides followed by a video so that you can see us undertaking the step on our screen.

If you have purchased our Complete Self Build Garden Room Guide you will be able to access the files used so you can follow along. Please ensure you are logged in to access them. If you haven’t yet purchased, you can follow along with the first part of the tutorial by downloading a free wall frame model.

You need to be using the 2018 version of SketchUp to access these models. We are using the Pro version, but the Free version is adequate for personal use and to follow this tutorial.

Download SketchUp here.