You need more than a sketch when building a garden room

A quick sketch is an excellent way to develop the initial ideas for your garden room. It is a good way to get an idea of the door and window layout and to note down the basic dimensions. But, this type of drawing is not enough to build a garden room from, particularly today as…

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Self build garden room brewery

We hear a lot from self-builders at the start of their journey, talking about their ideas for their new room and how they plan to use it. It is, therefore, fantastic when we get to see what they go on to design and build. Ricky, who brought a copy of our sample garden room plans,…

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Self Build Sucess!

Oliver's self build success

One of our customers, Oliver, has shared details of the multifunctional garden room he and his brother, designed and built in their London Garden. As part of his research, Oliver brought one of our guides to give him more insight into the process of building a garden room. Armed with information, Oliver designed an impressive 7m x…

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Designing a cool garden room

Deep eaves can cast shadow when the sun is at its highest and hottest in the summer. Yet, they don't block out light during the winter.

When designing their garden room, most self-builders we talk to are concerned that their room is going to be warm enough to use in winter. With forecasters suggesting that hot summers as we are experiencing this year, will become the norm. We also need to think about designing a room that will be cool space in…

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Mixing claddings on a garden room

In the Self Build Garden Room Guide eBook we write about the trend for mixing more than one cladding materials on the exterior of a garden room. Last month, when we visited the Chelsea Flower Show we spotted an interesting way of joining the two finishes. Crown Pavilions were showcasing one of their Crown Clarence…

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Our first 3D modelling tutorial is live

Garden room tutorial one

Today, we have published our first 3D garden room modelling tutorial. This is the first of many that we have planned. This first tutorial shows you how you could adapt our sample 3-in-1 garden room models to add a long window. Long windows are a popular option with garden room buyers, so it may well…

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Flitch beam plates

You might want to create a flitch beam over your openings

When creating the openings for your doors and windows you need to create a beam above the opening. There are several ways of achieving this in garden room design. Although, we don’t suggest you replicated some professional garden room designers choice of using the door and window frames themselves as a support. A double timber…

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Adding a cloakroom to your garden room

Cloakroom studwork frame

Dermot, a self-builder, emailed to ask how we would adapt our garden room with storage shed plans to house a w.c and a kitchen area, instead of the store. We thought we would share our answer here as it maybe something you are thinking about for your garden room project. It is becoming increasingly popular…

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Building a garden room higher than 2.5m

Self-builder Glandwr emailed to ask about the options if you want to build a garden room that’s higher than 2.5m. He wondered if the only option was to apply for Planning Permission. You can build garden rooms taller than 2.5m under Permitted Development You can build a garden room that’s taller than 2.5m under Permitted Development;…

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Building a garden room tight to a fence

Many garden rooms are built tight to the fence to maximise space. This is possible under Permitted Development if your room is no higher than 2.5m. The thing is that building tight to a fence leaves little room for fixing the external cladding. Modular garden rooms that are built off-site will come in small panels (max…

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