Modelling a mono pitched garden room

We are great advocates of using SketchUp for modelling a garden room design up. Its a very quick to learn program and for individuals like you its Free!

In this three part video tutorial we model up the basic form of a mono pitched garden room. We were asked by a subscriber how you create the sloped walls in the model. We are not claiming this to be the definitive way of doing it, but its what we do – as you will see its quick and provides the desired result.

These videos have been made using the 2016 Professional version of SketchUp on a PC. The steps using the free version are exactly the same. If you are using a Mac some of the icons look different, but they are all there.

Part 1

Start by opening a new file. We start by adding some guidelines – they are a quick way of knowing you are building to real world scales. Our model has a footprint of 3200mm x 3200mm.

Using the rectangle tool, pull out a square to fill the guides. Then using the pull/push tool pull this up to 150mm.

Then use the guides again to mark out the walls – ours are 150mm think. Using the rectangle tool map out the walls along these guides. Note in the video how we make the side walls the full depth of the base, with the rear and front walls inset.

Pull the side walls up to 2300mm. Then using a guide measure down 200mm from the top of the wall. Draw a line from the top front conner to the end of this guideline. Spin the model round and delete the lines on the other side of the wall (if you have them). Then spin back to the outer side and using the pull/push, push away this triangle. Repeat on the other wall.

You now have your sloping walls.

Part 2

Okay moving on. Pull the rear wall up as far as it will go to meet the top of the side walls. Zoom in and you will see a small triangular void. Use the line tool to great a line from the rear wall to the top of the side wall. Using the pull/push tool pull this triangle all the way to the other side wall.

Now go to the front wall. Pull the small walls which will frame the entrance up to 2100mm (the height of the door). Then on one side draw a line up from the wall to the top of the slope – this should click into vertical. Then as before pull this section over to the other wall. If you have a rogue line like we do on the front just erase this.

You can now see the form of the garden room taking shape.

Part 3

Lets add a roof to this model. Zoom into the top of one of the side walls and using the rectangle tool make a small rectangle in the middle of the wall. Pull this up to 150mm. Then pull the roof out to meet the edges of the walls.

If you want to create a cubed style garden room you would just straighten the front and rear edge profiles (we’ll show you in a moment) and leave it there. If you want to create an eaves detail, pull each side out by 200mm (make this greater of smaller as you require).

We then tidy up the rogue lines under the eaves with the eraser tool.

You will see that your front and rear edges aren’t plumb. To tidy this up just draw a line – it should snap to vertical and push the excess away.

You now have the basis of a mono pitched garden room model.

Try this out yourself. You can then apply the technique to your own garden room design.

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