Krinner ground screws a solution for garden rooms

In The Self Build Garden Room Guide we talk about the different foundation systems commonly used in garden room construction. We mention that ground screws are being used more and more often as they offer a speedy installation, little ground disturbance and can be fitted in situations where other foundation systems would not be suitable.

We have recently been introduced to the work of UKGS Ground Screw Solutions who offer a nationwide service installing Krinner ground screws. Krinner is considered the leading name in ground screw technology, and have been widely used on the Continent for many years, but have only recently come to the UK.


UKGS Solutions tell us that they have several different ground screw systems which would be suitable for use with garden room, and will happily advise and self-builders on their situation. With installation times of 3 to 4 hours for the typical garden room, they are certainly a quick foundation system.

Take a look at this video to learn more about Krinner Ground Screws:

To learn more about UKGS Solutions take a look at their website

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