Getting extra natural light into your garden room design

One of the key elements that make garden rooms popular is how they can be flooded with natural light. This is normally due to the large expanses of floor to ceiling glazing that are incorporated into a garden room design.

While it is desirable to incorporate lots of glass into a garden room design, it’s not always practical. For instance, you might be designing a soundproof studio where a lot of glass will leak sound, or maybe you don’t have the option of adding windows on the side elevations because you are building tight to the boundaries.

One option that has been adopted by bespoke garden room designers is to make use of sun tubes. You may have seen these mirrored tubes which fit discreetly into the roof structure on shows like Grand Designs. They are a clever way of bouncing natural light into a room, even on cloudy days.

If you would like to see examples of sun tubes installed in a garden room, we suggest you view this article looking at a Swift Garden Room build and this one by Garden Spaces on our sister site The Garden Rooms Guide.

Having done some research sun tubes start at around £250 for one suitable for a 4 – 10 square meter room, so while not insignificant an amount it is comparable to buying a window.

A sun tube is a clever way of getting extra natural light into a garden room design, and maybe an option for your building.


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