Fixing your rafters on your garden room

If you are building a garden room under 2.5m to comply with the Permitted Development rule that allows you to position your building close to the boundary. The chances are that you are building a garden room with a flat roof.

This is by far the most common roof type used in the garden room industry. We suggest it in the sample plans we have created, and have gone into a lot of detail explaining how you create this type of roof.

As well as working out the fall for your roof so that water runs off, and the spacing of your rafters. You need to think about how you are going to fix the roof frame to the garden room structure.

We suggest in our sample plans that you tie the rafters together with end plates and we would start by fixing these plates into the top plate of your wall. To do this, you can drive your fixings at an angle through the roof end plate into the top plate of the wall. You do this from either side at regular intervals. You could reinforce your fixings by using some 90-degree brackets, fixing one end into the wall top plate and the other it the roof end plate.


When it comes to fixing your rafters into the end plates, you would drive your fixings through the end plate into the end of the rafter. We would use framing screws here rafter than nails as they will pull the rafter into the plate tightly.


The rafter in this diagram has been tapered to account for the fall of the roof. It has also been designed to have a warm roof build-up sit on top.

The ends of your rafters will also be supported by the top plate of your walls. Its wise to fix the rafters into the top plate here. You could drive your fixings in at an angle on either side of the rafter. Another option is to use some metal work like a truss clip. You would fix this to the wall top plate and then sit your rafter in and fix the tabs of the clip to the rafter.


Again the rafter in this diagram has been tapered to account for both the fall of the roof and the warm roof build-up which will sit on top.

If you want more information on creating your roof for your garden room try our Complete Self Build Garden Room Guide.

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