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Are you inspired to design and build your own garden room or office?

Well, you've come to the right place. We are here to share our years of industry experience & insight with you.


When self building a garden room, you have three options:

  • Buy a garden room kit and assemble it yourself

    We have researched the best garden room kits in a range of designs from the traditional to the contemporary. By buying a kit, you have the peace of mind of using a tried and tested building system.

  • Design your own room from scratch

    Our eBook will give you insight into the systems, building techniques and materials used by professional garden room designers. This knowledge will stand you in good stead to design your own building.

  • Follow a set of plans

    Again we can help you here, as we are creating a library of plans & costings for popular garden room designs. Even if the plans we have produced are not the size or style of garden room you are planning, they will offer valuable insight into the steps and materials that go into a garden room - which you can then apply to your own design. Our most frequently asked questions are about the build-up of a 2.5-meter high garden room. These plans show you and explain how this might be achieved.

We supply this information in two packages, allowing you to choose which one is right for your needs:

The Self Build Garden Room Guide eBook - Fourth Edition

A comprehensive eBook that walks you through the planning stages of building a garden room. We then go on to showcase the different construction systems used in garden room design and highlight the materials you could use to create a durable, high-quality building.

A few companies offer their designs as self-build kits. This can be a good option if all you want is the challenge of the build. We look at the best kits currently on the market.

The ebook, now in its Fourth Edition has links throughout to some of the materials used by professional garden room designers.

What you get with this package:

184 page PDF eBook with links to further information

Free updates of future versions of the eBook

The Complete Self Build Garden Room Guide

Our complete package includes a copy of the eBook plus two sets of sample 3-in-1 plans which show different build-ups of a 2.5-meter high garden room - the most common height as they seldom require Planning Permission to build.

Even if these sizes of building or designs are not for you, the plans offer valuable insights into typical the build-ups of  2.5-meter high garden room.

We have included the layered SketchUp models we used to create the sample plans. You can open these models in the Free SketchUp Make software. You can use these models to check measurements or to modify the design - we will be adding tutorials on how to do this in the coming months.

The package also includes estimated costings for the materials to build our sample garden rooms and a price comparison against buying a similar building on a full-service basis.

What you get with this package:

184 page PDF eBook with links to further information

Two sets of 3-in-1 sample plans

Spreadsheets with material & cost estimates

SketchUp models used to create the plans

Free updates of future versions of the eBook & plans

Our self-builders are designing and building stylish garden rooms, just look at what Curt built...

"I purchased your garden room guide earlier in the year to help me build my own 6m x 4m garden room/cinema. I have no previous experience in this kind of thing but am really happy with the result. It took me 3 months altogether, this was after work and weekends


Self Build Garden Room Starter Guide

Let us send you our Self Build Starter Guide, it's full of the first things to think about when designing & building a garden room. You might even find a discount code included!

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