You need more than a sketch when building a garden room

A quick sketch is an excellent way to develop the initial ideas for your garden room. It is a good way to get an idea of the door and window layout and to note down the basic dimensions. But, this type of drawing is not enough to build a garden room from, particularly today as…

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Self build garden room brewery

We hear a lot from self-builders at the start of their journey, talking about their ideas for their new room and how they plan to use it. It is, therefore, fantastic when we get to see what they go on to design and build. Ricky, who brought a copy of our sample garden room plans,…

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Self Build Sucess!

Oliver's self build success

One of our customers, Oliver, has shared details of the multifunctional garden room he and his brother, designed and built in their London Garden. As part of his research, Oliver brought one of our guides to give him more insight into the process of building a garden room. Armed with information, Oliver designed an impressive 7m x…

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New Millboard colour

Antique Oak Millboard has the look of a tropical hardwood deck

Millboard decking is becoming popular with professional garden room designers. It is a composite product made from a mix of ground stone and polyurethane. This creates an incredibly hard-wearing product that won’t become slippery and is dimensionally stable. What makes Millboard standout from other composite decking products is the surface texture and colouring. The boards…

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Small office pod plans

As well as updating our Self Build Garden Room Guide eBook to its Fifth Edition and launching our Garden Room Kits Guide – 2020, we have also been working on a new set of sample plans. 2m x 2.5m Office Pod Plans As part of our work on The Garden Room Guide, we are often…

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Have your garden room sketches turned into a 3d visualisation

Richard Follett Garden room visualisation services-3

So, you have a pile of sketches and maybe some floorplans for your dream garden room building. Well, Richard Follett can take your drawings and produce a 3D visualisation of what it’s going to look like. Such CGI visualisations can be invaluable in honing the design, showing neighbours what you are planning or for use…

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Buy the doors & windows the pro garden room designers choose

Clear Edge doors are used by professional garden room designers

Your choice of doors and windows will have a significant impact on the style and usability of your garden room. You can buy them from a local supplier or online via sites such as eBay. These days, it is just as cost effective to have a made to measure size as buying a standard size…

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Designing a cool garden room

Deep eaves can cast shadow when the sun is at its highest and hottest in the summer. Yet, they don't block out light during the winter.

When designing their garden room, most self-builders we talk to are concerned that their room is going to be warm enough to use in winter. With forecasters suggesting that hot summers as we are experiencing this year, will become the norm. We also need to think about designing a room that will be cool space in…

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Mixing claddings on a garden room

In the Self Build Garden Room Guide eBook we write about the trend for mixing more than one cladding materials on the exterior of a garden room. Last month, when we visited the Chelsea Flower Show we spotted an interesting way of joining the two finishes. Crown Pavilions were showcasing one of their Crown Clarence…

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