Small office pod plans

As well as updating our Self Build Garden Room Guide eBook to its Fifth Edition and launching our Garden Room Kits Guide - 2020, we have also been working on a new set of sample plans.

2m x 2.5m Office Pod Plans

As part of our work on The Garden Room Guide, we are often asked if we can suggest a tiny office pod, something not much bigger than the average garden shed. While we have featured a few garden offices smaller than 2.5m x 2.5m, they are pretty few and far between. Garden room designers tend to like bigger projects where they will make more money!!

So, we decided to draw up plans and cost out a small office pod building. This model is an overview of what we have created:

Once you accept the privacy policy, you can explore the 3d model using your mouse.

Just finishing up the plans

The bulk of the work on these sample plans is done; we are just finishing up writing the guidelines. We hope to have it live on the site by the end of January 2020. Here are a few pages to give you a flavour: