How about a picture window for your garden room

The other day we were playing around with the idea of swapping a window in our house for a large picture window that would really frame the view of our garden. This got us thinking that picture windows are not something commonly used in garden room design.

Floor to ceiling glazed sections have become ‘the trend’ in garden room design over the last few years. They are normally made up with sets of doors – French, sliding or bi-fold and fixed glass panels.

We found ourselves thinking that a twist on this trend would be a picture window, so we fired up our computer and modelled a simple garden room design with picture window. We are rather please with how it looks. This building is 3 meters x 3 meters by 2.5 meters high. The window was 2m x 2m.

Garden office with picture window 800 x 600 1 Garden office with picture window 800 x 600 2

The picture window actually frames the view both looking in to and out of of the garden room.

Garden office with picture window 800 x 600 4Garden office with picture window 800 x 600 3

If this is something you fancy incorporating into your garden room design, talk to a glazier early on in the process to see how big you can go without the cost becoming prohibitive.

We’re not ¬†sure why picture windows are not used more in garden room design as we feel they create a striking look – perhaps you should start a trend by including one in yours!