Think about including a USB socket into your electrical specification

One of the great things about self-building a garden room is that you have complete control over the electrical specification and the layout of the sockets. This gives you the flexibility to factor in as many power points as you want, after all, we are all accumulating more and more gadgets that need plugging-in.

We have noticed that garden room suppliers are now including at least one double power point that has USB charging points in. These are a great addition to a garden room, as you can just plug in your phone or tablet to charge without having to hunt for the charger!

UK double plug socket with built in USB charger

UK double plug socket with built in USB charger

Another plus is that as well as getting two USB charging points, you are not cutting back on regular power points, as both systems are included in the one socket.

We have looked at the prices for these sockets on Screwfix. For a standard white finish, you would be paying £8.99 for the USB socket compared with £3.79 for a regular double power socket. So, it’s not much of an outlay, but could add a lot of value in how your room works for you.