Ground screw foundations an easy option

Last week the Garden Room HQ team visited the Chelsea Flower Show. One of the key exhibits we looked at was a stunning treehouse by Blue Forest.

Obviously, with a temporary exhibit at a show like Chelsea, the foundations need to be cleanly removed from the site. This is one of the key benefits of ground screw foundations. No concrete is involved, they are just driven into the ground with a special machine and should they need to be removed one day the same machine will extract the ground screw from the ground, with little disruption.

Blue Forest have tweeted a video clip showing just this, as their treehouse was removed from the Chelsea showground:

Stopdigging is a leading name in ground screw technology and are used by many of the leading garden room firms for their foundation system.

Ground screws are one of the more expensive garden room foundation options, but they can overcome a multitude of site problems such as slopes or soft ground. The Stopdigging team will be more than happy to advise you on your options, talk to them.