Weathering of garden room cladding

Timber cladding is by far the most popular option for the exterior finish of a garden room. Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch and Thermowood are the most popular options, as they can be installed and then left to weather with no ongoing maintenance.

The weathering process will mean your cladding will start looking aged, turning a silver grey colour. Personally, we like the colour change of cladding as it ages. However if you want to maintain the original colour of your cladding you can apply a UV protecting oil, we talked about that a few weeks ago.

There have been a couple of tweets this week that show the look of aged cladding. This first one by JML Garden Rooms shows a garden room in Scotland with Cedar cladding:

This second tweet is by Mill Works who supply cladding to many garden room suppliers. They have grouped together a number of different cladding types and left them to weather:

Mill Works are the UK suppliers of a revolutionary Swedish product called OrganoWood. OrganoWood is applied to new cladding and as well as offering fire and rot protection, it also ensures that the cladding weathers evenly. Apparently, you can also use it to create the aged effect quickly. We know that some people want to find a cladding that looks silver grey from day one, and avoid patchy weathering over the building – this product is what they need.

To learn more about the OrganoWood system talk to the friendly team at Mill Works. You can call them on 01223 967 733 or drop them an email