View your SketchUp models on your phone

In the Self Build Garden Room Guide we encourage you to make use of the free version of SketchUp to design your garden room project. SketchUp is the easy to learn 3D modelling tool that many garden room designers use.

Because your garden room model is built to real world measurements, it can be really useful to refer back to you model to measure an element as you build. It is however not ideal having to pop back inside the house to do this. There is a solution, though, the SketchUp Viewer app which is available in both Apple and Android versions.

You can’t actually design you garden room in this app, but as its name suggests you can view your models, and in quite a lot of detail too.

If you take the SketchUp models we have included in our latest set of sample plans as an example; you can open the model on your phone and look at the different scenes of the build-up we have created and take measurements from them or zoom in to look at an aspect in much greater detail.

The SketchUp Viewer allows you to measure elements of the model; we can see this being useful on-site when building your frames. You could just pull out your phone select the scene of the frame you are building and measure the spacing between the studs, and then get back on with the job in hand.

The SketchUp Viewer is not the cheapest app we have brought, it’s £9.99 on the Apple App Store, but it is well worth it for the convenience it adds to your workflow.

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