Underfloor heating for your self build garden room

We have been recently talking to the folks at Floor Heating Systems about the boom in using underfloor heating systems in garden room builds. Have you thought about incorporating underfloor heating into your design?

Although one of the more expensive heating systems to install in a garden room, compared with electric convector heaters or free standing oil filled radiators, underfloor heating has many benefits. It creates a very even heat throughout the whole room, which is easily controlled by the touchpad thermostat and timer. It also frees up the wall & floor space in your room for furniture and free movement.


Floor Heating Systems has a  brand called Handy Heat that sells underfloor heating kits direct to self-builders like you. We asked them if they could give us details and an example price on a underfloor heating kit suitable for a 3.6m x 3.6m garden room, here is what they suggest:

The cost to supply a Handy Heat carbon film system for a 3.6m x 3.6m garden room will be £415 + vat (£498 Inc Vat).


This kit consists of the following –

  • 6mm Depron foam insulation
  • Bespoke carbon heating elements
  • 200 micron moisture barrier
  • Fully programmable thermostat & floor probe
  • The total load of the heating system would be 1.6kw.

If you run the heating system on the factory settings of the thermostat – 8am – 9.30am & 16.30pm – 23.00pm @ 22°, you will be looking at a cost of 68p per day.

An electrician could easier fit this system in a day. You would be looking at a cost of between £300 & £400 to fit for you.

We think this is useful information and we are impressed at the daily running costs. If you would like to learn more take a look at the Handy Heat website or give them a call on 0115 963 2314 to discuss your options,