Self Build Garden Room Plans Now Available

Yesterday, we hit publish on our first set of sample garden room plans. The first set of plans we have produced will show you the steps involved in building a 3m x 3m garden room with canopy roof. We have chosen this as our starting point as it is a popular design, and even if you plan to build a different size or style of garden room it will show you the typical material build-up of a 2.5m high garden room.

Here is a visualisation of what this room would look like:


The build-up of 2.5m high garden rooms is our most asked question, so we thought some drawings would be useful. We have also gone to the lengths of pricing up the materials to build this garden room and this document is included in the package.

If you would like these Sample Plans you need to purchase The Complete Self Build Garden Room Guide. With this package you will get:

The Self Build Garden Room Guide eBook + Sample Plans + Estimated Project Costing + Future Updates

We are not selling the Sample Plans separately to The Self Build Garden Room Guide eBook because the two need to be read in conjunction with each other. There is much more to building a garden room than a set of drawings.

The Complete Self Build Garden Room Guide is priced at £75.00, if you purchase before the 31 August 2016 you can get it at the special launch price of £60.00

We have more sample plans in the pipeline – if you buy the Complete Package today they will be added to your account as they are published.

Self Build Garden Room Starter Guide

Let us send you our Self Build Starter Guide, it's full of the first things to think about when designing & building a garden room. You might even find a discount code included!

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