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Self build a Quick Garden Room are offering for contemporary garden room designs which are available as self-build kits. Built using a SIP’s core structure they are designed for year-round use. The kits are available in four standard sizes. They are quite big as garden rooms go, so if you are looking for a building that could potentially have more than one use, they are worth a look.

Self build Quick Garden RoomsSelf build Quick Garden Room

The four standard sizes are:

  • Garden room 17ft x 10ft | 5m x 3m costing £9,989
  • Garden room 20ft x 10ft | 6m x 3m costing £11,449
  • Garden room 20ft x 13ft | 6m x 4m costing £12,919
  • Garden room 23ft x 13ft | 7m x 4m costing £14,099

You’d need to prepare a base for the garden room, Quick Garden suggest a concrete slab foundation. They supply the SIP’s core and the tongue and groove timbers which form the exterior and interior finishes. They also supply double glazed uPVC doors and windows (the configuration depends on the room ordered) and an EPDM roof covering. All the parts are sequentially numbered so you can tally them to the plan of what goes where.

The package does not appear to include any electrics so you would need to factor the cost of these into your budget.


A kit like this is can be a good middle ground. You get to experience the challenge of self-building a garden room but are using a pre-designed building system that gets delivered to you in one load without having to shop around for all the different parts.

To learn more take a look at the Quick Garden Rooms range.


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