Screw foundations in action

Screw foundations are being used by several garden room companies. They are overcoming tricky site conditions and uneven ground which speeds up the construction process no end.

We spotted a good example of screw foundations in action on Twitter last week. eDEN Garden Rooms shared some photos of a build that is making use of this foundation system.

As you can see the screw piles are really just giant screws with the same sort of thread that you will find on a wood screw. This thread cuts into the ground and creates a firm grip.

Screw pile foundations for a garden room

Photo by @edengardenroom

Screw pile foundation for garden room

Photo Credit: @edengardenroom

Screw pile foundations for a garden room

Photo Credit: @edengardenroom



These foundations are driven in with a special tool, and one of their great benefits is that they can be removed with the same tool, cleanly from the site should you need to remove the building in the future.

Screw foundations like this can easily overcome uneven ground. If you use a laser level, you can set your level line and drive in a pile to just the right height.

As you can see the timber and insulation floor frame sits on top of the level piles.

The grass under the building will die away once the light is excluded as the floor is put in place. Some garden room designers would lay a weed suppression membrane before fitting the floor frame, but this just has the same end effect of excluding the light and killing the grass.

Another benefit of a screw pile foundation system is that there is little disruption to the site, so the area around your garden room will look good from day one.

Photo and Tweet Credit: @edengardenroom