Sample garden room plans are on their way

Following multiple requests from self builders we are pleased to announce that we are working on our first set of sample garden room plans. We hope to have these ready in mid August.

Why has it taken so long?

When we first created the Self Build Garden Room Guide it was intended to be a set of plans. We quickly realised this wasn’t going to work as every self builder we spoke to had their own design in mind. We realised that their was no ‘one size, fits all’ design. We therefore created the eBook which explains the different construction systems used in garden room design, which you can use for the basis of your design.

We have though over the last couple of years had a lot of emails saying “what size timbers should I use”, “how far apart should I space my studs”. We have come to the conclusion that a sample set of plans that are annotated with why we do certain things would actually be helpful – even if you are wanting to build a different size or style of garden room.

When will they be ready?

We have started work on this sample set of plans. They will show you the typical build-up of a 3m x 3m garden room, built with a traditional timber frame and warm roof. They will be made available in a PDF eBook. We hope to have them ready in Mid-August 2016. Use the form at the bottom of this page to be the first to hear they are ready.

How will I use them?

If you want to build a 3m x 3m contemporary style garden room you could use these plans to build from. Our guessing is though that you will intend to build a different size or style of garden room. You can therefore work through the drawings and notes to see how we would design the framework and take away this information to use on your own garden room design.

Self Build Garden Room Starter Guide

Let us send you our Self Build Starter Guide, it's full of the first things to think about when designing & building a garden room. You might even find a discount code included!

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