The Complete Self Build Garden Room Guide


By buying this product you will get a PDF eBook of the Third Edition of The Self Build Garden Room Guide eBook + 3 Sets of Sample Plans + Estimated Materials & Costings

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With The Self Build Garden Room Guide eBook we aim to walk you through the process of designing and building your own garden room. We share insights into the various different building techniques used by professional garden room designers. We also look at the different materials that are used in building a quality garden room.

Over time, we have been emailed by several self-builders asking for examples of a typical build-up of a 2.5m-high garden room. We have answered these emails on a case-by-case basis, but we have realised that an example set of plans looking at each step of designing a 2.5m-high garden room would be useful.

Therefore, we put together our first set of drawings and accompanying notes explaining the typical construction of a 3m x 3m garden room that is 2.5 metres high. Our second set of sample plans looks at the typical build-up of a 5m x 4m garden room with secret shed, it has become popular to build one building with two uses. The third set of plans looks at the build-up of a 3m x 2.5m Barn Style Garden Room. This third set of plans also includes the SketchUp model we used to create them which you can explore for further detail on the build.

Now, the chances are that you will be wanting to build a different size or style of garden room, so we have included detailed notes alongside each drawing to explain what we are doing at each stage. You can use this information to make decisions about your own building design.

We have opted for a substantial traditional timber frame construction. This will create a sturdy garden room. Many garden room designers build using narrower timbers and less insulation, but the final building doesn’t have such a substantial feel.

We have taken the time to estimate the materials you would need at each stage of the build. We have taken these quantities from the drawings (please check your actual building before cutting) to allow for any tolerances in your frame.