Garden Room Kits Guide


Up for the challenge of building your own garden room?
Great! We’ve used our industry insight, to source the best garden room kits for you. Now in its Second Edition with the best garden room kit options for 2021!

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So, you are up for the challenge of building your own garden room! It can be a very rewarding experience, and by self-building, you will not only save yourself a significant chunk of money, but you will also end up with the building you have in your mind’s eye.

When it comes to designing and building a garden room, you could start from scratch with a design of your own, and then source the materials to build it. Or, you could buy a garden room kit, and work with a tried and tested building system.

Best garden room kits for 2021

We have used our unique industry insight to seek out the best garden room kit options for 2020 and collated them in the Garden Room Kits Guide – Second Edition, updated in January 2021.

The kits we have found range from insulated shells which you can buy, and then tailor the internal and external finishes to your tastes; to complete packages with everything you need for your project.

We have found standard size and layout packages from some of the biggest names in the garden room industry, right through to bespoke options where you can work with the supplier to design your ideal building, and they then manufacture a kit for you to assemble. 

The kits we have found use different construction systems, so you can choose which one you are going to be comfortable working with. There are traditional timber frame options, insulated cassettes, SIP’s panels, interlocking timber systems and steel frames which are being adopted by some professional garden room designers.

There’s more to consider than just the kit

In addition to sharing the best self build garden room kits we have found, the Garden Room Kits Guide -2020 also highlights elements you should consider during the planning stage. Including Planning Permission and Building Regulations.

Most garden room kits still leave you to source the foundation system the building will sit on. To help you, we introduce you to the foundation systems commonly used in garden room design, and link to where the professionals are sourcing them. As well as the foundations, we also look at other elements you might have to source in addition to the kit.

If we do say so ourselves, the Garden Room Kits Guide – Second Edition is the essential companion to anyone looking to buy a self-build garden room kit!