PIR insulation prices are rising

PIR insulations such as Celotex, Kingspan and Ecotherm have become very popular in garden room construction, and we suggest their use in our sample plans.

However, a fire last year at the factory that manufactures one of the key chemicals used in their production is having a real knock-on effect on PIR insulation supply and price.

Several garden room companies have reported to us that it is difficult to source PIR insulation and when you can get it, the price has skyrocketed! Investigating online prices we have seen announcement posts saying that prices will be going up as much as 20% per sheet this October.

In the costings that will accompany our forthcoming 3-in-1 sample plans, we have factored in this maximum 20% price rise per sheet.

When timber framing you have other insulation options

While PIR insulation is the popular choice because of its performance while maintaining a narrow profile, you do have other insulation options.

With a traditional timber frame construction, you can fill the gaps in the framework with fibreglass batts or something a little more eco-friendly such as Thermafleece or Hemp insulation.

You will need to ensure you couple these insulations with a vapour membrane on the warm side of the insulation, i.e. the inside of the room.

You can use these insulations in the roof too if you opt for a cold roof build-up. We look at cold roof construction in our forthcoming 3-in-1 sample plans.

Talk to your builder’s merchant about the availability of PIR insulation for your project and weight up the additional costs at the moment with your other insulation options.

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