New self build garden room plans added

We have just added our second set of sample garden room plans to The Complete Self Build Garden Room Guide. This new set looks at the typical construction of a 5m x 4m x 2.5m high garden room with secret shed area. It has become very popular to create one building with two different uses. If you have already purchased The Complete Self Build Garden Room Guide, these plans have been added to your account, under the Downloads tab.

We have been asked several times how the professional garden room designers go about designing one building that has two uses. In these plans, we show you how the two rooms can have different specification levels, within one well-insulated core.


This is a substantial sized garden room, and as a result, we have showcased a slightly different roof build up to our 3m x 3m Garden Room with Canopy plans. We also look at features such as creating a concealed door and decked veranda along the front of the building.


As with our first set of plans, we have estimated the materials you would need to build this garden room and cost them out. We have used our industry knowledge to compare our sample building with the same specification building purchased from a supplier on a full installation basis. We found there are substantial savings to be made of around £8,000. This is even budgeting for a 10% contingency fund in our figures – so there is certainly money to be saved self-building a garden room!

Even if this building is a different size or style to what you are planning to build, reading the plans will give you a valuable insight into designing a 2.5-meter garden room.


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