New garden room plans added

We have just published our latest set of self-build garden room plans as part of  The Complete Self Build Garden Room Guide. These plans look at the typical build-up of a 3m x 2.5m barn style garden room, which is a timelessly popular design in the market,

This garden room differs to our other plans in that while it is still 2.5m high and therefore Permitted Development friendly, it has a pitched roof. These plans show you the detail of creating this roofline.

This garden room design has a cold roof build-up which many self-builders have asked us about over recent months. The plans show how you need to ventilate this style of roof build-up.

New Feature

As well as receiving an 84-page PDF document which is full of drawings and construction notes and a PDF material and cost estimate for this building, you will also receive two Sketchup Models. These are the models that we have used to create the plans.

The first model is a layered 3d model; this will be useful as you can switch layers on and off to reveal different elements of the build, so you can examine them in closer detail and take additional measurements.

The second SketchUp Model shows you detailed sections of each stage of the build; again you can explore these drawings to learn more about the build-up and take additional dimensions from the model.

This video walks you through theses detailed drawings throughout the build-up:

We will be going back and adding these models to our first two sets of plans over the next few weeks,

Self Build Garden Room Starter Guide

Let us send you our Self Build Starter Guide, it's full of the first things to think about when designing & building a garden room

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