MDF Cladding

In The Self Build Garden Room Guide we talk about how some suppliers use an external grade MDF for the cladding of their garden rooms. The examples we link to have used the MDF in its smooth panel form.

We recently came across MDF claddings that have been machined into popular cladding profiles like shiplap and tongue & groove. You can buy these MDF claddings from SAM Mouldings.

These MDF claddings are dimensionally stable and take paint finishes well, so you can create the look you want.

People have told us they fear that MDF cladding will not stand the test of time. They have seen examples of MDF that has swollen having come into contact with with water. The MDF used in external cladding is quite different to the internal stuff. The external MDF used is called Mediate Tricoya Extreme and it uses waterproof resins making it moisture resistant and dimensionally stable.

One of the suppliers we feature on The Garden Room Guide who uses the Mediate Tricoya Extreme to clad their garden rooms, put the moisture resistance to the test. They weighted a piece in a bucket of water for a few months – it kept both its shape!

Check out the SAM Mouldings website for more information and to see if its right for your project.