Insights from a garden room build on Twitter

Now and again we spot a garden room build being recorded on Twitter. Recently @audiolympics recorded some of the steps of his Sanctum Garden Studio build. We wanted to show you them here, as they clearly show how quickly a modular building can go together when you have a clear plan of action.

Like many garden room suppliers, Sanctum produces their buildings in their workshops and then assemble the modules on site. This is something you could do too as a self-builder. You could produce your panels / modules, and then once you have them all ready, start to assemble the actual building. You will find this is one of the quickest options for getting the core structure up, and weathertight.

As you can see from @audiolympics tweets, once the core structure was in place the next task was to make the room weathertight. This should be your aim too, once you have the building sheathed in a breathable membrane, it will be temporarily weather tight while you prepare the exterior cladding.

You will also note that the doors and windows were fitted before the cladding was added, this is good practice and will ensure a crisp finish. You should consider fitting the doors and windows before the exterior cladding on your own project.

Thanks to @audiolympics for his tweets!