Garden Room Starter Models

We were contacted today by one of our Self Builders who asked if we would make some of our garden room Sketchup models available to use as a ‘starter’ for his own design. We hadn’t thought of this and think its a great idea, so are happy to open up our catalogue of garden room models so that they might help you too.

We have models of all shapes and sizes that we can share. Feel free to modify them, deconstruct them or add to them as you wish. Just remember to save them with your own name if you want to keep the original.

Here is our first model, a 4m x 3.5m garden room with inset front wall and French doors:

4m x 3_5m Garden Room With Inset Front Wall

The model has been saved in Sketchup 2015. If you get a message saying that its read only, save it with a different name to your computer.

Download “4m x 3.5m Garden Room With Inset Front Wall Model” 4m x 3.5m Garden Room With Inset Front Wall 2015.skp – Downloaded 86 times – 679 KB

We will add some more models here as the week goes on and create a page on the site so you can easily find and download them.


Self Build Garden Room Starter Guide

Let us send you our Self Build Starter Guide, it's full of the first things to think about when designing & building a garden room. You might even find a discount code included!

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