In The Self Build Garden Room Guide we explain how many professional garden room designers line their rooms with plasterboard and then skim them with plaster to create a room like in your house.

Recently we featured a granny annexe on The Garden Room Guide that had a wall bed – a bed that is fitted to the wall allowing it to be folded back to create living space during the day, and then pulled down to create a sleeping zone at night. Take a look at the build if you are interested – its a clever use of space.

This fold up bed system puts a lot of stress on the wall its mounted to, so the designers chose to replace the regular plasterboard with Fermacell a type of plasterboard that can take heavy loads like the bed.

If you are thinking about hanging heavy loads on the walls of your garden room, such as shelving. Consider using Fermacell. Its obviously going to cost you more than regular plasterboard, but its performance could outweigh the extra cost. We have just enquired and found a 2400 x 1200mm sheet of Fermacell to be £26.65, the same side basic plasterboard is just £6.35.

Read up about Fermacell on their website.