The Complete Self Build Garden Room Guide = eBook + sample set of plans + costings


The garden room market is adopting new materials and building techniques all the time. Since we launched the Second Edition of the Guide in July 2015, several new systems have been adopted - particularly when it comes to garden room foundations.

We have therefore gone through The Self Build Garden Room Guide and updated the different sections with details of new materials that professional garden room designers are using.

We have also added a completely new chapter looking at garden room design trends which might give you inspiration for your own project.

By buying The Self Build Garden Rooms guide today, you will be getting access to the PDF eBook and will be able to access the content in the members' area of this website. You will also get free access to future updates of the guide.

Sample Plans & Costings

When we first wrote The Self Build Garden Room Guide, we decided against including a sample set of plans, as the chances are so great that you intend to build a different size or style of garden room.

Over the years, though we have been asked several times by our self-builders for examples of 2.5m high garden room build-ups. We have been happy to help along the way, but decided now is the time to create a sample set of plans.

Therefore, we put together our first set of drawings and accompanying notes explaining the typical construction of a 3m x 3m garden room that is 2.5 metres high. Our second set of sample plans looks at the typical build-up of a 5m x 4m garden room with secret shed, it has become popular to build one building with two uses. The third set of plans look at a 3m x 2.5m pitched roof Barn Style Garden Room which also comes in at 2.5m high.

Now, the chances are that you will be wanting to build a different size or style of garden room, so we have included detailed notes alongside each drawing to explain what we are doing at each stage. You can use this information to make decisions about your own building design.

As well as the plans we have estimated the materials you would need to build this room along with estimated costings for the project.

The Self Build Garden Room Guide eBook + Sample Plans


You get a copy of the Third Edition of The Self Build Garden Room Guide PDF eBook. The 70 page PDF Sample 3m x 3m Garden Room With Canopy Plan. Plus the Material and Price Estimate PDF. The 90 page PDF Sample 5m x 4m Garden Room with Secret Shed Plans and the PDF Material & Price Estimate. The 84-page PDF of 3m x 2.5m Barn Style Garden Rooms, two SketchUp models used to create these plans and a PDF Material & Cost Estimate.

By buying today you will get free access to future upgrades of the eBook and Plans

This Complete Self Build Garden Room Guide
package is for you if:

  • You want to build a garden room of your own design

    You have a clear idea of what you want to build, but want insights into the different construction systems used by the pro's.

  • You are interested in a garden room kit

    You are looking for details on the best garden room self build kits on the market.

  • You want to know which materials the pro's use

    You want to learn about the different materials used by professional garden room designers - for instance; you want to learn about the different foundation systems used in garden room design.

  • You want to know the rules that apply when building a garden room

    You want guidance on the Planning Permission & Building Regulation situation when building a garden room.

  • You want to see the plans for a 2.5m high garden room build-up

    You want access to our sample plans which show the typical build-up of a 2.5-meter high garden room.

  • You want a detailed build-up of a traditional timber frame garden room

    You want access to our step by step plans showing the typical build-up of a well specified traditional timber frame garden room, including a warm roof construction

  • You want access to a detailed cost analysis

    You want access to the detailed costing that accompanies our sample plans, which includes an analysis on how much you could save by self-building.

  • You want access to our future sample plans

    You want free access to any future sample plan sets we produce. We have the plans for three popular garden room designs currently on the 'drawing board'.

Extracts from the Sample Plans

Click on an image for a larger version:

"In this guide we will share our two decades of experience in the garden room industry, to give you an insight into the materials and building systems professional garden room designers use. You can then apply this knowledge to your own garden room design”

New! The 3m x 2.5m Barn Style Garden Room Plans come with the SketchUp model used to create them

We have included two SketchUp models that we used to create this set of plans. These layered models will allow you to explore the build-up in greater details and take measurements where further clarification is needed.

This video shows the scenes included in one of the models:

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