Painting garden room cladding

Painted finishes are back in fashion in garden room design

Painted garden rooms are back in fashion, particularly¬†black and dark grey ones. Painted finishes had gone out of favour with garden room buyers who were opting for more expensive Cedar and Larch designs that are low maintenance due to their natural durability. The thing is unless timber claddings like Cedar or Larch are oiled as…

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Trisomet panels seconds

Trisomet panels are a popular option in garden room construction.

Trisomet panels have become a popular option for garden room roofs. Many professional garden room designers make use of them as they can be installed quickly without the need for a complex roof structure. They also form both the internal and external finish of the roof, again cutting down on work. We show Trisomet panels…

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Our first 3D modelling tutorial is live

Garden room tutorial one

Today, we have published our first 3D garden room modelling tutorial. This is the first of many that we have planned. This first tutorial shows you how you could adapt our sample 3-in-1 garden room models to add a long window. Long windows are a popular option with garden room buyers, so it may well…

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3-in-1 Sample Plans Launch & eBook Updates

The Fourth Edition of the Self Build Garden Room Guide will launch in January 2018

We are pleased to announce, at last, that our new 3-in-1 sample Garden Room plans and the Fourth Edition of the Self Build Garden Room Guide eBook are live! If you have previously purchased the Self Build Garden Room Guide eBook or The Complete Self Build Garden Room Guide package, just log in to Your…

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New version of our Self Build guides launching January 2018

The Fourth Edition of the Self Build Garden Room Guide will launch in January 2018

We may have been a little quiet on this blog of late, but we have been busy behind the scenes! We have updated our Self Build eBook, and the content is just back from the proofreader. So, we will be formatting the Fourth Edition of the Self Build Garden Room Guide over the holidays for…

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PIR insulation prices are rising

PIR insulations such as Celotex, Kingspan and Ecotherm have become very popular in garden room construction, and we suggest their use in our sample plans. However, a fire last year at the factory that manufactures one of the key chemicals used in their production is having a real knock-on effect on PIR insulation supply and…

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Flitch beam plates

You might want to create a flitch beam over your openings

When creating the openings for your doors and windows you need to create a beam above the opening. There are several ways of achieving this in garden room design. Although, we don’t suggest you replicated some professional garden room designers choice of using the door and window frames themselves as a support. A double timber…

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Breather & Vapour membrane kits

In the Self Build Garden Room Guide and sample plans we talk about the importance of a breather membrane in your build-up. The breather membrane wraps around the exterior of the building and allows the core structure to breathe. Stopping moisture entering the core structure but at the same time letting moisture escape from within…

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New 3-in-1 garden room plans model preview

As part of our upcoming 3-in-1 garden room plan sets, you will get a layered model of the each specification. These are the real world scale models that we use to produce the dimensioned plans. By providing you with the layered model, you will be able to go into the model and check any measurements.…

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Insulated roof panels for garden rooms

Build-up of an insulated roof panel

A few days ago we wrote about the 3-in-1 sample plans we are developing. One of the roof options we are looking at is the insulated roof panel. These panels are very popular in garden room design, as depending on the size of the roof, there is no need to install rafters as the panels…

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