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Flitch beam plates

You might want to create a flitch beam over your openings

When creating the openings for your doors and windows you need to create a beam above the opening. There are several ways of achieving this in garden room design. Although, we don’t suggest you replicated some professional garden room designers choice of using the door and window frames themselves as a support. A double timber…

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New 3-in-1 garden room plans model preview

As part of our upcoming 3-in-1 garden room plan sets, you will get a layered model of the each specification. These are the real world scale models that we use to produce the dimensioned plans. By providing you with the layered model, you will be able to go into the model and check any measurements.…

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Insulated roof panels for garden rooms

Build-up of an insulated roof panel

A few days ago we wrote about the 3-in-1 sample plans we are developing. One of the roof options we are looking at is the insulated roof panel. These panels are very popular in garden room design, as depending on the size of the roof, there is no need to install rafters as the panels…

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3-in-1 plans are on their way

3-in-1 sample plans are on their way

Having listened to feature requests and ideas from our self-builders, we are revisiting the way we produce our sample plans. Our aim is to showcase your options when building a garden room and show you the different techniques and materials the pros are using. To this end, we are going to start producing 3-in-1 sample…

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The speedy garden room foundation

We have talked before about ground screw foundations and how they are being widely adopted by the garden room industry. We spotted this on Twitter and thought we would share it here, as it clearly shows how ground screws have become the speedy garden room foundation. Stop Digging are the firm that many professional garden…

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Adding a cloakroom to your garden room

Cloakroom studwork frame

Dermot, a self-builder, emailed to ask how we would adapt our garden room with storage shed plans to house a w.c and a kitchen area, instead of the store. We thought we would share our answer here as it maybe something you are thinking about for your garden room project. It is becoming increasingly popular…

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Ground screw foundations an easy option

Stopdigging ground screw foundations for garden rooms

Last week the Garden Room HQ team visited the Chelsea Flower Show. One of the key exhibits we looked at was a stunning treehouse by Blue Forest. Obviously, with a temporary exhibit at a show like Chelsea, the foundations need to be cleanly removed from the site. This is one of the key benefits of…

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Garden room cladding fixings

Stainless steel nails for garden room cladding

Most garden rooms feature timber cladding on the exterior, whether this is expensive Western Red Cedar or something a little more economical like Siberian Larch or Thermowood. When fixing timber cladding, it is important that you use stainless steel fixings. If you don’t use stainless steel fixings, you will find that the fixing bleeds an…

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You can make good savings on materials self-building

With each set of sample plans, we produce we write up a material estimate. In this document, we estimate the quantities of each material you’ll need to build the room. The prices we have gathered are probably high When quantifying the materials, we head to the internet to cost out each element. Now, we know…

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Building a garden room higher than 2.5m

Self-builder Glandwr emailed to ask about the options if you want to build a garden room that’s higher than 2.5m. He wondered if the only option was to apply for Planning Permission. You can build garden rooms taller than 2.5m under Permitted Development You can build a garden room that’s taller than 2.5m under Permitted Development;…

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