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3d Design Guides

Have your garden room sketches turned into a 3d visualisation

Richard Follett Garden room visualisation services-3

So, you have a pile of sketches and maybe some floorplans for your dream garden room building. Well, Richard Follett can take your drawings and produce a 3D visualisation of what it’s going to look like. Such CGI visualisations can be invaluable in honing the design, showing neighbours what you are planning or for use…

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New Year, New Designs

Could you replace your garden shed with a home office the same size? We are going to see if it is possible

For one reason and another, 2018 ran away from us in relation to creating new sample plans. Over the Christmas holidays, however, we had time to doodle a few ideas and start work on a couple of new designs. Small office shed We have always been taken with the idea of being able to replace…

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Designing a cool garden room

Deep eaves can cast shadow when the sun is at its highest and hottest in the summer. Yet, they don't block out light during the winter.

When designing their garden room, most self-builders we talk to are concerned that their room is going to be warm enough to use in winter. With forecasters suggesting that hot summers as we are experiencing this year, will become the norm. We also need to think about designing a room that will be cool space in…

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Mixing claddings on a garden room

In the Self Build Garden Room Guide eBook we write about the trend for mixing more than one cladding materials on the exterior of a garden room. Last month, when we visited the Chelsea Flower Show we spotted an interesting way of joining the two finishes. Crown Pavilions were showcasing one of their Crown Clarence…

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Self build SIP’s garden room kits on show at Grand Designs Live

SIPS garden room kit on show at Grand Designs Live

Garden Hideouts are showcasing their self-build SIP’s garden room kits this week at Grand Designs Live. The show is on until Sunday 13 May at Excel London. You will find the kits on display at stand G130. Garden Hideouts kits are available in several package levels from the basic frame through to kits with the…

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Self build a Quick Garden Room are offering for contemporary garden room designs which are available as self-build kits. Built using a SIP’s core structure they are designed for year-round use. The kits are available in four standard sizes. They are quite big as garden rooms go, so if you are looking for a building that could potentially have more than…

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Painting garden room cladding

Painted finishes are back in fashion in garden room design

Painted garden rooms are back in fashion, particularly black and dark grey ones. Painted finishes had gone out of favour with garden room buyers who were opting for more expensive Cedar and Larch designs that are low maintenance due to their natural durability. The thing is unless timber claddings like Cedar or Larch are oiled as…

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Trisomet panels seconds

Trisomet panels are a popular option in garden room construction.

Trisomet panels have become a popular option for garden room roofs. Many professional garden room designers make use of them as they can be installed quickly without the need for a complex roof structure. They also form both the internal and external finish of the roof, again cutting down on work. We show Trisomet panels…

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