Adding cladding to your garden room model

One of the quickest ways to get an idea of what your garden room design is going to look like is to add some cladding to your model. Thankfully this is a quick and easy task with Sketchup.

select paint bucket

Once you have your basic structure you need to select the the materials palette which is the paint bucket icon in your tool bar. Once you have the palette open you want to select Brick & Cladding from the dropdown.

Material Pallete

Select Brick & Cladding from the dropdown

There is a what Sketchup calls Tan Cladding in the standard materials, we think it has the look of cedar.

Select the cladding texture than move your cursor (which is now a paint bucket) over to your wall and click. Your wall will fill with the cladding. You will find that the depth of the cladding is disproportionate to the size of the wall.

apply cladding

We want to scale the cladding boards to look a bit more realistic. With the select tool click the wall. With the wall selected right click and scroll down to the Textures option and on the flyout select Position.

You will see four pins appear. Select the blue one and move your mouse up and down and you will see the cladding resize, do this until you have the scale you want. You’ll see a protractor when you do this which you could use if you are changing the orientation, you may also find that if you don’t keep your mouse movements straight your cladding will go out of line but this is easily rectified by moving your mouse again.

Resize the texture

Resize the texture 2

Watch us complete this task in the video below. You’ll notice we have recorded this on a Mac so the icons look a little different to the screenshots above taken on a PC – everything works the same though!

Repeat these steps on the others walls.

Garden Room Model cladding

We will look at creating and applying different materials over the next few tutorials. Signup below to hear about them as they are published.